Time Sure Does Fly

I can’t believe it, but it’s officially been one year since we’ve moved to Billings! (Well, technically one year since we’ve been in MT together…Adam had to be up here a week earlier for work, but you get the idea)


This was us back in Texas just after Adam accepted his job offer that moved us up here. It was an answered prayer to get Adam off of a 7pm-7am shift, and I was so proud of his promotion!

Adam moved up about a week before me, so I had to stay behind and pack up and get through the last of what was in the fridge & freezer…so my last night in Texas by myself looked a bit like this…no shame.

Last Night

When I left Texas I was wearing a t-shirt with a hoodie, capris, and flip flops since I was coming from Texas, where it was a beautiful sunny day of about 75. Unaware of it being a liiiiiitle bit colder in Montana (not like I had another option since my clothes were in boxes), when Adam picked me up there was a good 6 inches or so of snow on the ground and in the 20s. Walking from the airport to the car was quite fun.

Then we moved into our month to month apartment that we found on craigs list while we house hunted. Who could forget the classic shower + toilet area. I did my best to convince Adam to put a toilet in our shower when we found a house…..NOT. Although I’m sure this is most every man’s dream.


Right away we were blessed by finding a church where we started to build some friendships, I was fortunate enough to get a job at a locally owned olive oil store (which I loved and do miss it), and with my little sister only being just about 2 hours away – we got to see and hang out with her with some beautiful scenery.


I quickly fell in love with Montana, the mountains, and the slow paced life most people live up here compared to Texas.

We purchased our first home


and knew what it felt like to be official homeowners when our brand new mailbox got bashed in 3 days later…


We completed our first fun run with the Dirty Dash 5k

Dirty Dash


We camped out in Yellowstone


Oh hey buffalo.


We floated down the Madison River on the 4th of July


We found our favorite ice cream spot (for you locals, Softies is a MUST in the summer. At least once a week 🙂 )


We’ve been on some beautiful hikes


We welcomed our sweet baby Maximus into the family


UGH, melt my heart.


Monsters U became one of our new favorite movies



And we’ve made special friends with Mario.


I will definitely say some cons of Montana are the long – and at times bitter cold – winters, being far away from family, not having certain food chains nearby (oh Chick-fil-a and Panera, how I miss you), and the farmers market having a short season…

but the in spite of the cons, we have established a happy life here together and have had an amazing 1st year living here. We look forward to celebrating our 2 year anniversary next month, and the next many years following!


Question for you: a toilet in your shower – awesome or disturbing?


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