Weekend Recap

Hello all! I hope that you had a great weekend. Is anyone else struggling this morning after daylight savings? Although I’m missing that extra hour of sleep, I’d much rather have an extra hour of sunlight in the day!

Our weekend consisted of a trip to the airport & some great hangout time with some great people. We drove my little sister out to Bozeman to the airport so she can spend 6 weeks(!) in Europe. She’s spending the first week with my aunt and cousins in Paris for their spring break trip, but then after that she’s just going to wing it, and roam from city to city. (Yikes! is my thought coming from the older sister) So she had to say goodbye for a while to her sweet pup, Milo who will be hanging out in Bozeman with some of her boyfriend’s friends.



Max is going to miss cousin Milo too. I don’t know how she could do it! I know I couldn’t leave this cute face for that long (are you tired of seeing multiple pictures of Max on every post yet? No? Good!)


(That tongue of his kills me) As we said our goodbyes I made sure to tell her to make good choices and be extra safe while she’s in Europe. It is my right as the older sister, after all. As my sister, Katie, put it…our dad is amazing, but he’s no Liam Neeson.


Since we were already in Bozeman, and one of Adam’s friends/co-workers lives in Great Falls, we thought it would be fun to meet them in the middle in Helena. So while the boys went skiing, I hung out with his friend’s wife & their adorable daughter, Grace. We went to an ice cream/carousel hang out spot, and got extremely dizzy while we went round & round & round… 🙂 But it was fun to see Grace have a lot of fun!


Then we walked to the building next door that was a sort of museum for kids. They even had some of those “fun” mirrors that make you look taller or smaller than you really are…


Oh so that’s what I’d look like if I was 6 feet fall!


Annnnnd unfortunately here there isn’t much of a difference. Just call me Frodo.

After our fun day/night in Helena, we were ready to head home to relax. But no drive would be complete without a quick trip to Wal-mart to make a special purchase…


It definitely helped the time in the car pass by more quickly! The odds were ever in our favor 🙂

Once we got home, we had a couple hours to relax and unpack, then we headed out to Red Robin with a fun group to celebrate a friend’s birthday. That was my first time ever to Red Robin, but I think it’s safe to say I’ll be back!

Sunday we did the usual norms of church, grocery shopping, food prep, laundry and cleaning around the house. But I was actually really excited (more so than normal…yes, I do get excited to shop for food) to grocery shopping yesterday because of a special gift…I won a $100 gift card through Opinion It!Costco

I had the choice of Sam’s club, Costco, Target, or Walmart. We didn’t have a Costco membership at the time, but had talked for a couple weeks about switching over from Sams since that membership is about to expire. I have to say Costco is the much better choice for us! Lots more fun finds, and plenty of organic & better quality options to chose from.


I was able to snag all these goodies with my gift card, and only paid about $20 out of pocket. First trip to Costco = success! I’m excited for the bulk broccoli…beef & broccoli for dinnah this week!

This weekend was a good one, and I was sad to see it end. Now only 5 more days until next weekend! 🙂 Have a great Monday!


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