March Date Night & Food Quirks

Good morning & happy Monday! Did you guys have a good weekend? Mine was a mix of both relaxation and work, which made it all the more difficult to get out of bed this morning. Especially when you have a cute lil kitty that crawls on your chest and starts purring when the alarm goes off.


Yesterday was a looooooong day. I worked the opening shift at the gym so I had to be there about 6:45ish to get everything up and running. That means no sleeping in and no church, and usually also no shower until after work if I’m being honest 🙂 I mean, I’d rather sleep in all I can than take a shower; it is a gym after all! Then after working, I came home to finish watching the KU game (so disappointing), then had to leave again for a work meeting on the other side of town. I was starting to stress that I wouldn’t be able to get some stuff done around the house that I wanted before today. But then I came home to about 3 loads of laundry done, dishes cleaned, and the floor vacuumed…what a husband I have!

Since yesterday was pretty uneventful, let’s rewind to Friday & Saturday. On Friday Adam got a call for work and had to drive to Glendive, about a 3ish hour drive, and wasn’t sure when he would be back. He called around 5:30 saying he was just heading home and wouldn’t be back until about 10. He said “you should go do something fun tonight!” So I took his advice…and made a “single lady salad” for dinner, took a long bubble bath while reading Harry Potter, took Max on a walk, and finished the night with a few episodes of Modern Family. I’m a party animal! But after a long & exhausting week that was the perfect remedy 🙂

Saturday consisted of lots of March Madness watching. Who else’s bracket has totally gone down the drain? Thank you Duke, Ohio State, and Wichita State. And I still love my Jayhawks even though they’re now out.


Old picture, but still very true of how loved my Jayhawks are. Following some game watching, Adam and I had our March Date Night. March was a bowling competition! Before we started we set a wager for the winner. If I won, I said I wanted a foot massage. If Adam won, he wanted a DQ blizzard. You guys know how much we love our blizzards… It was ON!


Unfortunately, my bowling average comes out to around 60. Adam beat me by almost 100 points, meaning no foot massage. Whomp whomp whomp. But I was a happy loser and treated him to an oreo blizzard. I wanted to take a winner/loser face picture, but we were getting glares from staff to get lost since open bowl was closing and they were trying to get ready for their leagues. Despite my loss, March date night was a success! (I can’t wait for April, it’s gonna be a blast!) After bowling, we made a quick pit stop to the store to pick up some more bananas. We also picked up some other necessities 😉


(Best candy ever, am I right?!) We needed the bananas because I’ve got quite the food quirk…I need a banana every day as a part of breakfast. Yes, need. Whether its mixed in with oatmeal, or on the side with some PB, I just don’t feel completely full or satisfied from breakfast without a banana. Adam made the mistake after we just got married of taking the last banana we had into work…he never made that mistake again 🙂 Another one is eating eggs with ketchup; however Adam thinks that is disgusting and prefers salsa. To each their own, I suppose!

Gotta run. But stay tuned later this week…I may have a fun giveaway for y’all! 😉

Questions for you: How is your March Madness bracket doing? What’s your average bowling score? What are some of your food quirks?


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